Utsunoya Pass (Fujieda Side)ウツノヤトウゲ

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Utsunoya Pass has been traveled by many people, and was a key point for traffic since ancient times. There are 6 main roads and 4 tunnels from ancient times still remaining in the present, making this mountain pass a valuable place where visitors can experience the pass as it changed throughout the ages. This pass was once well traveled by important Japanese literary figures and feudal lords from the era of warring states. Come walk along Utsunoya Pass and feel the history and culture as you imagine how it was in ages past.

Utsunoya pass is a mountain pass on the city boundary between Shizuoka City and Fujieda City.
There are various spots on the Shizuoka City side.

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Hike on Tstuta no Michi and relive travels of ancient times

Tsuta no Hosomichi was once beloved by literary figures and used by many travelers. On this course, you can enjoy a leisurely hike without going all the way over the pass, while still discovering the legends, history, and culture passed down from long ago.

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