Hanashi Area

Henjoji Temple

Henjoji Temple was formerly known as Henjokoji Temple. It is said the temple was first built when Imagawa Noriuji, second generation head of the Imagawa Clan, first arrived in Hanashi, built Hanakura Castle, and made his residence at the foot of the mountain. Later on, the warrior and Buddhist monk Genko Etan also lived here, and he came to be called “Lord of Hanakura Castle”. Henjokoji Temple was burned down during the Hanakura Rebellion. During the second to third years of the Genki Period (1571 – 1572), the temple was rebuilt and renamed as Henjoji Temple, keeping this name to the present day. The graves of Yasunori and his original heir Ujiie were discovered here, and two gorinto were erected on this site.

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