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Fujieda Tokaido Machiaruki

Fujieda City has two of the fifty-three stations on the old Tokaido road: Fujieda-shuku and Okabe-shuku. There is also the Utsunoya Pass, which stretches from Shizuoka City to Fujieda City. Fujieda City also has areas with deeply rooted history and unique culture. Here we introduce the distinctive townscapes and history, dividing the city into 8 areas, including Seto (Tateba), Rengejiike Park area, Setoya area, Hanashi area, and Gyokuro-no-Sato area.




  • town_list Fujieda Station
  • town_list Okabe Station
  • town_list Ainoshuku, Seto
  • town_list Rengejiike Park
  • town_list Setoya area
  • town_list Asahina areaアサヒナエリア
  • town_list Utsunoya Pass (Fujieda Side)ウツノヤトウゲ
  • town_list Hanashi Area


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Introduces access and transportation in the city of Fujieda. You can enjoy the Tokaido by walk and other ways such as rental bicycle.
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