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Asahina is one of Japan's 3 largest gyokuro producing areas in Japan, along with Uji in Kyoto and Yame in Fukuoka. The view of the tea plantations covered in a sea of green called "komo" that is unique to gyokuro and extending outward on both banks of the Asahina River is the best part of the course. “Gyokuro no Sato” is one of the most exquisite green tea among many that is easily available and popular with both locals and foreigners. In addition, the “Asahina Oryusei” is held once every two years in this area. Let's visit a place of solace where you can enjoy delicious tea, idyllic nature and a relaxing time.

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Enjoy the history of green tea at the three gyokuro production areas

A course where you can experience the history of green tea with your five senses while enjoying a view of the majestic tea plantations where the famous green tea "Asahina Gyokuro" is produced.

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