Fujieda Station

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22nd postal town starting from the Shinagawa Station out of the 53 on the Tokaido. It is an area where many historical spots representative of Fujieda City still remain, such as the "Tanakajo Shimoyashiki" that Tokugawa Ieyasu often visited for falconry, and the "Daikeiji Temple" where the Kuon no Matsu has been designated a natural monument of Shizuoka Prefecture. Let's take a close look at the history while reflecting nostalgically about this place where many travelers once come and go, experiencing various encounters.

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Walk course to feel the history of Fujieda

A course that goes around spots filled with the history of Fujieda City, such as the "Akunami Shrine", nicknamed "Akanamisan," and "Tanaka Castle" related to Tokugawa Ieyasu etc.

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