Fujieda StationA heavy breakfast?! Fujieda "Morning ramen” culture

While “morning ramen" has become commonplace for the residents of Fujieda, it originally started from the gastronomic culture of those involved in the tea industry. Famed as a tea production area, there were many people who worked in the harvesting and trading of tea from early in the morning in Fujieda. Looking to fill their stomachs, those in the tea industry who finished their work early formed queues at popular ramen stores in the city early in the morning. Morning ramen is said to have been started by restaurant owners who saw the queues and opened their restaurants earlier to offer these people ramen. The plain soup made of bonito stock with little fat and the smooth-tasting noodle with an excellent texture have helped to spread the gastronomic culture of the city, serving as a light meal that can be taken even in the morning.

What’s unusual about the meal is that you get to enjoy both "hot" and "cold" ramen as a set. “Hot” ramen with a Chinese noodle base and "cold" ramen with wasabi and red pickled ginger in a sweetened soup. The base of the ramen is said to be either the "Marunaka-type" or "Shida-type", as derived from the name of a popular ramen store in Shida, the birthplace of morning ramen.

Nowadays, in addition to “Shida” style ramen, other variations such as tonkotsu and curry etc. have appeared, further expanding the gastronomic culture of morning ramen.

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