Ainoshuku, SetoFujieda, a confectionery town

While Fujieda may be known for its production of fine tea, it also offers many types of confectionery as an accompaniment. Besides well-established confectionery stores that have been making confectioneries since its heyday as a postal town, the area is teeming with a variety of stores such as western confectionery shops where young patisseries demonstrate their talent, promising new shops with long queues and so on, resulting in a “confectionery battleground”. The reason why confectionery is so advanced here is also unique to Fujieda. Besides tea, the ability to use fresh, high-quality local ingredients produced by the rich nature and land such as local sake and fruits etc., has served as an impetus to the creation of new confectioneries. Now, starting with the green tea gelato of "Nanaya" (Uchiseto, Fujieda-shi), these confectioneries are about to spread from Fujieda to the whole of Japan and the world.

In order to further promote the charm of Fujieda, the town of confectioneries, a confectionery map has been published and events such as “Sweets Collection” and “Sweets Stamp Rally” etc. are also held.

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