Ainoshuku, SetoTokaido specialty - Seto Someii

Seto's Someii is kind of like a “rice ball lunch box” which has been sold for a long time in teahouses near Kami-Aojima facing the Tokaido. The yellow color of the Someii is due to the kernel of the gardenia berry, which is made by steaming glutinous rice, then dyeing and grounding it into a yellow paste before kneading it into an oval shape etc. and drying it. The dried gardenia seeds have been known as a herbal medicine effective against inflammation and fever, and reputed to be good for relieving the fatigue of travelers who have been walking continuously on a long journey. In addition to the history of Someii, at the "Sengan Tsuzumi Seto Someii Denshokan” located along the former Tokaido, you can learn more about a large embankment built in this area around the beginning of the Edo period.

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