Rengejiike Park

Healing sanpo enjoying the seasonal nature

Healing sanpo enjoying the seasonal nature

A "healing" course where you can get in touch with nature while strolling around the Rengejiike Park, a well-known place for relaxation among residents.

Walks data

  • iconWalk slowly for about 30 minutes
  • iconTotal walking distance about 1km
  • iconRecommended time zone 9:00〜17:00


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ParkRengejiike Park

In addition to cherry blossoms and wisteria trellises in spring and lotus flowers in summer that gave the garden its name, it is a park where a variety of flowers add color to the pond throughout the four seasons. Within the park, there are facilities such as a jumbo slide measuring 80 m in total length, a children's square, a café and a Japanese garden etc. which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. A variety of events such as the Fuji Festival, fireworks display, illumination and other events are also held.

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MuseumsFujieda City Folk Museum & Cultural Center

A museum that displays the history of Fujieda, the birthplace of the Shida Plain, from primitive to present times. You can learn about the history of the local area and the lives of the common people of Fujieda Station through historical materials. Commentaries on literary figures and artists connected to Fujieda City and their works are displayed in the cultural annex. There is also an exhibit that reproduces the relocated study of the author, Ogawa Kunio, who is known for his work "Apollon no Shima".

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Commercial facilityASUHA

A mixed commercial facility along the Rengejiike Park which opened in June 2019. The concept is "a place where you can spend a rich time, with your mind in harmony with the earth". There is a cafe where you can enjoy seasonal local vegetables, a handmade galette shop, and a general store that offers fair trade products etc. There are also a relaxation and gallery area where you can spend a relaxing time.

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OtherFormer Fujieda Tea Trading House (pointed roof)

A teahouse and Western-style building that symbolizes the beginning of the modern tea industry in Shizuoka, it is called a "tongariyane" because of the features of its appearance. When the export of tea from Shimizu Port started, in order to open up a trade route for direct export, a "reproduction (processing) plant" controlled by foreign capital was established. Built in 1902 as an office at one corner of the plant, the memorial building contributed greatly to the internationalization of Shimizu Port as well.

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GourmetKagura Teahouse

The cafe is a refurbished stone storehouse built in 1934. Even coffee aficionados will be satisfied with the lineup of coffee offered, consisting of 10 kinds of straight coffee and 6 kinds of blended coffee, for which coffee beans roasted in-house are only ground upon ordering. All snacks including seasonal cakes and lunch sets etc. are handmade. You can spend a relaxing time in the café where jazz music is played.

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