Setoya areaSetoya’s standard snack!? Setoya croquette

"Setoya croquette" is a local delight that is particularly well-loved in the nature-rich Setoya area. Instead of just a plain croquette, it is filled with shiitake mushrooms, a special produce of the Setoya area. A croquette cannot be said to be a “Setoya croquette” unless it fulfils the 3 conditions of using mushrooms from Setoya, not putting on any sauce, and being handmade in Setoya. 3 types are available, the classic "Yakkoro”, the "Yurakoro” with added miso and cheese, and the “korochan” filled with plenty of vegetables and faint green tea, all of which have become familiar with their cute characters. There are three places where you can enjoy the "Setoya croquette". Do enjoy all the different types of delicacies when you visit Setoya.


● "Yakkoro" · · · · Seto Yakko Restaurant
● "Yurakoro" · · · Setoya Onsen Yuraku
● "Korochan" ... Okubo grass skiing area (OREP Okubo)

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