Rengejiike ParkHistory of Fujieda tea

Well-known as a production center for fragrant fine tea, Fujieda produces many types of tea which are usually not seen elsewhere such as the "Fujieda Kaori", "Fujieda Megumi", "Asahina Gyokuro", and "Tencha", a raw material for powdered green tea etc. Its history is so old that it has been referred to as a “Tea Field of Fujieda” in old archives written in the Edo period. Fujieda's climate and topography are suitable for tea production, allowing high quality tea to be produced around the mountainous area. Subsequently, more and more tea producers flocked to trade at the postal town, where many people come and go, becoming tea sellers in the process. In this way, as more and more people gathered, the number of people involved in making tea and other related areas increased, forming a “chamachi” or tea town where those running tea businesses congregated, and prospering greatly as a tea trading center. Even now, there are many tea sellers in the "chamachi", with a refreshing aroma of tea hanging in the air. Once a year, an event fusing history and the arts with tea called the "Ocha no Kaori Road" is held at a tea factory or a storefront of a tea seller. Within walking distance of Rengejiike Park, the "chamachi" is an recommended area where you can enjoy leisurely walks while being engulfed by the scent of tea.

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