Setoya area

Enjoy a petit trip with your family and friends!

Enjoy a petit trip with your family and friends!

A course full of spots that everyone can enjoy including "OREP Okubo" and "Yuraku". Enjoy your side trip with your family and friends.

Walks data

  • iconWalk slowly for about 360 minutes
  • iconTotal walking distance about 21km
  • iconRecommended time zone 9:00〜17:00


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GourmetYurubiku Village

"Yurubikumura" is a small village located in the mountains lined with shops in a relaxed atmosphere. Currently, there are four stores in operation, the “Aima” which offers chai, snacks and daily special sets ○○, a Vietnamese hammock & miscellaneous goods cafe called “Hoa Sua”, and the garden shop “Hiyori”. You can enjoy a relaxing time amidst nature that is secluded from the present world.

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SpaSetoya Onsen Yuraku

Located in the mountains, "Setoya Onsen Yuraku" is a day trip hot spring where you can enjoy three types of baths - an indoor bath, an open air bath and an artificial carbon dioxide bath - at an affordable price. The water of the hot spring is rich in sodium-bicarbonate and chlorides. The hot spring can be expected to have an effect on bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disorders, sensitivity to cold etc. There is also a sauna, a rest area and a dining room, making it an ideal place for relaxing and refreshing yourself while enjoying the idyllic scenery.

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Experience · LeisureFujieda City Ceramic Art Center

A facility where you can get to experience pottery in a relaxed setting. In the 1-day experience, you will get to do everything from molding of the clay to selecting the colors for your work, which can be finished in one and a half month’s time (finished works can also be delivered to you). The time required is about an hour and a half, and children can also take part as thorough coaching will be provided. This experience is recommended for those who would like to leave behind memories of their trips in the form of original works created by themselves.

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AttractionsBig tea tree

There is an exceptionally large tea tree compared to the surrounding tea fields. With a height of about 4m, circumference of about 33m, and an age of about 300 years old, the tree is said to be the oldest tea plant in the prefecture. Tea is picked using a permanently erected scaffolding, producing about 15 kg of harvest. The finished tea is processed into "longevity tea" for distribution to the old age homes within the city. An old nostalgic ropeway for farming use is still in operation.

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Experience · LeisureOkubo Grass Skiing Area / Campsite (OREP Okubo)

"OREP Okubo" located in a mountainous area rich in nature. "OREP" is a word coined from the initial letter (O, RE, P) of outdoor + recreation + place. Next to the campsite where you can enjoy the wilderness, there is a grass skiing area where you can ski throughout the year, and a barbecue area where you can have a barbecue without having to prepare anything. Beginners new to outdoor activities can also enjoy themselves safely due to the comprehensive range of facilities and rental items available.

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