Hanashi AreaHanashi River, showing a different appearance from season to season

The Hanashi River flows through the Hanashi District, and stretches 13.1 kilometers. Scenery on the river changes from season to season. Flowers on almond trees bloom along the banks of the river in early March at the start of spring. Almond flowers are large and pink, resembling the flowers of cherry trees, but they bloom earlier than cherry trees, reaching full bloom in mid March. Cherry tree blossoms reach full bloom in early April.

Come enjoy a pleasant stroll under the cherry trees in full bloom, as the sun shines overhead. In late May, the weather changes to summer. On the Hanashi River, genji-botaru fireflies dance from Shirafuji no Sato (a community craft experience center) all the way to the upper reaches of the river, flashing faint light as they fly around the river. The “Hotaru Matsuri” (Firefly Festival) is held at Shirafuji no Sato at this time of year. It is a fun event, where you can also enjoy delicious food from stalls and local agricultural products (for inquiries about the “Hotaru Matsuri”, call Shirafuji no Sato, Hanashi Northwest Revitalization Facility, 054-638-4155).

In late September as the seasons change, cluster amaryllis (hurricane lilies) spread like a bright red carpet across the area.


There is a spectacular view to be seen as cluster amaryllis blooms along the banks of the river for a total length of 2 kilometers.
The Hanashi River shows many different faces throughout the year. Come and enjoy a walk along the river and experience the changing seasons.

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