Fujieda StationThe longest in the Tokai Region! Take a walk in the cherry blossom tunnel!

The area around Seto River and Mt. Kompira, located at Nishi-Kido (the western entrance) of Fujieda-juku is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Fujieda, where about 1,000 cherry trees bloom in the spring. In particular, the left bank of the Seto River has a cherry blossom tunnel stretching for about 2 km, said to be the longest in the Tokai Region.
During the best time to see the flowers, from the end of March to the beginning of April, there is a "Mt. Kompira & Seto River Cherry Blossom Festival", and the trees are lit with lanterns at night.

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This area is just about 200 km from Edo Nihonbashi. Today there is a large bridge over the Seto River, so pedestrians and automobiles can cross from bank to bank without difficulty. However, in the Edo period it was not allowed to build a bridge, so people had to walk through the river and get wet.
Stop to take a leisurely stroll along the path of the Tokaido Road, while searching for traces of post towns in the Edo period, while enjoying the beautiful cherry blossom tunnel!

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