Asahina area

Enjoy the history of green tea at the three gyokuro production areas

Enjoy the history of green tea at the three gyokuro production areas

A course where you can experience the history of green tea with your five senses while enjoying a view of the majestic tea plantations where the famous green tea "Asahina Gyokuro" is produced.

Walks data

  • iconWalk slowly for about 90 minutes
  • iconTotal walking distance about 3km
  • iconRecommended time zone 9:00〜17:00


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OtherAsahina Oryusei

Ryusei refers to a rocket firework whose roots lie in the smoke signals used during the Warring States period. The white smoke left behind in its wake makes the form look like a dragon rising into the sky. Once every 2 years in the Asahina area, 13 teams compete against one other in terms of the height reached by their ryusei rockets and their skills in making the devices. There are highlights to enjoy both in the day and at night, with unique commentaries accompanying the summoning. It is designated as an intangible cultural asset of the prefecture.

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OtherAsahina Castle Ruins

A designated historic site of the city where the remains of a castle built by the military commander Asahina who served under Imagawa and Takeda during the Warring States period are distributed over 2 ridges from a 180 m high summit. Presently, a stepped area and a flat area measuring about 55 m wide and 80 m long remain around the moat, main citadel, outer citadel and area around the outer citadel. It is said to be a "Nekoya" (literally root residence) type fort because it was made of earthen walls and a dry moat on the summit of a mountain with the castle of a daimyo at the foot.

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OtherGyokuro no Sato

Asahina, Okabe is one of Japan's 3 largest gyokuro producing areas in Japan, along with Uji in Kyoto and Yame in Fukuoka. The “Gyokuro no Sato” was created to convey the attractiveness of Asahina's gyokuro. Besides being able to experience the finest gyokuro and green tea in an elegant tea room, you can also enjoy a variety of gyokuro desserts in the dining area. There are also stores selling local produce such as fine green tea and fresh agricultural produce.

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GourmetEn Café, Tenjin Mori

A cafe where you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients with a focus on seasonal vegetables grown at home. The lunch menu offers only one item, the "Omakase Lunch". It is lined neatly with products that brings out the charm of each of the local ingredients. Boasting a good number of menu items with a well-balanced nutrition, the restaurant is certified as a "Fujieda Healthy" restaurant which has cleared 5 health-related conditions.

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LandscapeFudodanjono Falls

A mystical waterfall where the Buddhist deity Fudoson is enshrined. As its name implies, the Fudo-danjo (man and woman) no Falls is divided into an upper and a lower section, and the view of the river water cascading down 20m is spectacular. The water of the plunge pool is dark blue in color, and tradition says that it will rain if the pool is dried and then cleaned in a drought. The promenade leads to the lower waterfall, and mountain-climbing shoes are recommended if you want to climb the steep slope to reach the upper waterfall.

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