Rengejiike ParkRengejiike Park, a place to enjoy seasonal changes in nature

"Rengejiike Park", a place of relaxation for the residents of the city. Despite being in the downtown area, it has a parking lot and is easy to reach by bus or car. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its comprehensive range of facilities such as the jumbo slide, boats, cafe and museum etc. that children and adults alike can enjoy. However, more than anything else, its greatest attraction is the rich nature that adorns the park. As a park based on a theme of "flowers, water, birds and smiles", you can get to admire the beautiful flowers of each season.


The best time to see wisteria, the official flower of the city of Fujieda, is from late April to early May. About 250 trees from 20 different species of wisteria are planted in the park, enveloping it in a sweet and refreshing scent. A representative event of Fujieda City, the "Fuji Festival" is also held at this time, with many tourists coming from outside the city and prefecture in addition to the residents.
In addition, you can enjoy a variety of flowers and greenery every season, such as plum, cherry blossom, azalea, iris, hydrangea, lotus, autumn leaves etc., spending an enlightening time while feeling the changing of the seasons.

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