Setoya area"OREP Okubo" area where you can have fun the whole day

The Okubo district in the mountainous area of Fujieda City is an area rich in nature. "OREP Okubo" is one attraction full of spots that you can enjoy for a day. OREP is a name derived from the initial letters of OUTDOOR, RECREATION and PLACE, and as its name suggests, it is a place where you can enjoy the outdoors.


● Grass skiing area
An unusual grass skiing area where you can ski on grass all year round. Besides skis, mountain boards, bockerls, scooters, sleds and many other items are also available for rent. Kids can have fun there too.

● Ski slope cafeteria
Meals eaten in the midst of Mother Nature taste exceptional! In particular, Okubo curry topped with "Setoya croquette" is a must-try dish.

● BBQ house
All-weather type for use on rainy days as well. Barbecue set meals are also available, so you can enjoy one without having to prepare anything, with all the preparations of the materials, cooking utensils and even the fire starting done by the staff on your behalf.
●Café OREP
Take a break here after a day of fun. An extensive range of picture books is available for the enjoyment of both adults and children.
The campsite is divided into sections for greater privacy. You can pitch a tent next to the parking space in the caravanning site. Cottages for beginners new to the outdoor life are also available, and these are equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment such as beds, kitchen, shower, air conditioning.

In addition, nearby facilities such as the "Setoya Onsen Yuraku", "Fujieda-shi Ceramic Arts Center", and "Sports Pal Takane no Sato" are perfect for long holidays such as the summer holidays as well as weekends.

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